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    As you may or may not already know, this is the blog for my rainbowcy 'One of 100'. Here you will most likely read about all sorts of things from vampire scares, sudden deaths, and even burnt waffles. But don't let all of that depressing nastyness discourage you because there are also many many happy moments in store for the heirs and their friends during the writing of this legacy :)

    ~Have fun!


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Generation 2: Chapter 4

It felt weird, having a perfect stranger sitting around the house. Mom was different than how I imagined her. From the stories Dad told she was a wonderful, soft spoken person who spent her hours gardening or learning new recipes to cook for supper the next night. It was only now that I realize I … Continue reading

Chambliss Legacy’s on Hold

Well to anyone who regularly reads this story, it wont be much of a shock considering its been a few months since I’ve posted. I’m putting the legacy on hold officially because I’m to busy and to uninterested to continue playing sims. I’m planning on picking it up someday, when testing is done and I … Continue reading

Generation 2: Chapter 3

Its strange, watching yourself grow up. As a little kid I never took any notice to the changes that took place around me, and yet here I am, on the edge of the rest of my life. Oh, and here’s the best part: I have NOO idea what I’m going to do about it! Who … Continue reading

Generation 2: Chapter 2

Rose, The city is beautiful! I can only look at it from Gramm’s terrace but at night, the lights! They’ll take your breath away. Of course, I’d be fine.. you know because of the whole vampire thing. I miss you guys a lot, and I wish I could come home but I think Dad was … Continue reading

Generation 2: Chapter 1

“Oh my BERRY! What did you 3 do last night!??” Aunt Clover was in full freak out mode, and I was bustling quietly around the house trying to get everything clean again. I hadn’t seen my sisters since last night so my guess is that they’re still sleeping. Flax and I stayed hunkered down in … Continue reading

And the Winner is…

Thanks to everyone that voted! Rose won by a landslide so I hope you enjoy her story 😀 Next chapter will be out soon so don’t forget to check back!

Generation 2 Heiress Vote!

Yeah I know right? FINALLY! I took my sweet time with generation 1 but it’s actually time to vote for the generation 2 heiress! Just pick your favorite based on traits, looks, whatever floats your boat. Also don’t forget to check out Chapter 18 if you want to learn more about the girls and where … Continue reading

Generation 1: Chapter 18

**Authors Note** This is the last chapter of generation 1 so it’s going to switch point of views a ton. For that reason I’ll put the names of who’s POV it is in front of each section.Also, I apologize for how long it is, there was a lot to fit in but hopefully it’s worth … Continue reading

Generation 1: Chapter 17

My whole world seemed to have stopped a long time ago when Molly’s chances at waking up seemed to fade away, and even now I still find myself dreaming about that terrible day. My worst fears are always coming out at me while I sleep. Watching the girls grow up, and then seeing Clover and … Continue reading

Happy Birthday Olly!

It’s been exactly a year since the beginning of ‘One of 100’ so here’s something special to any of my readers who have been here since then! And thanks to everyone who enjoys the story and doesn’t complain about my slowness with posts! 🙂 Writing out this first generation has been fun and I’ve been … Continue reading

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